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The Most Rev and Dr. The Honourable John Walder Dunlop Holder Bishop of Barbados Archbishop of the West Indies (246) 426-2761
The Venerable Eric E Lynch Archdeacon of Barbados (246) 426-2761
The Very Rev Dr. Frank Marshall Dean of St Michael's Cathedral (246) 427-0790
The Rt Rev Dr. Rufus T Brome Retired Bishop of Barbados
The Rt Rev Dr. (Sir) Wilfred Wood Retired Bishop of Croydon
The Rev Graveney G. Bannister Asistant Priest St Peter's Parish Church
The Rev Von A Barker
The Rev C Vincent S Belle
The Rev Davidson R Bowen Rector St Luke's Church (246) 429-2246
The Rev Peter A N Boxill Rector St Jude's Church (246) 433-6144
The Rev Ryan A. Boyce
The Rev Canon Noel A Burke Rector St David's Church with St Basil (246) 437-1801
The Rev Canon Lionel D Burke
The Rev E. Julian Campbell General Licence
The Rev Canon Austin D Carrington Rural Dean Christ Church Deanery Rector, Christ Church Parish Church (246) 428-8087
The Rev Dr. Michael A Clarke Principal, Codrington College (246) 416-8050
The Rev Norbert G Connell
The Rev Jilian Crawford Rector St Bartholomew's Church (246) 420-7129
The Very Rev Harold E. Crichlow Dean Emeritus
The Rev Canon Coleridge A. Darlington Rector St. Thomas Parish Church
The Rev Trevor L Davis General Licence (246) 421-7008
The Very Rev William G Dixon Dean Emeritus Assistant Priest, St David's Church (246) 427-3169
The Rev Suzanne Ellis Priest-in-Charge St Augustine's Church (246) 437-5659
The Rev Canon Edward G Gatherer General Licence
The Rev Canon Jeffrey D Gibson Rector, St Leonard's Church Rural Dean - St. Michael's Deanery (246) 426-7358
The Rev Overton Gilkes General Licence
The Rev Frank E. Gill
The Rev Canon Gregston S Gooding General Licence
The Rev Ludwick 'Jack' Gooding
The Rev Canon Curtis S R Goodridge Rector St Lucy's Parish Church
The Rev Keith E Griffith Priest-in-Charge St Clement and St. Swithun Churches (246) 422-2068; 439-8257
The Rev Canon Henderson B Guy Priest-in-Charge St. Christopher's Church (246) 420-4269
The Rev Clifford G. Hall
The Rev Anthony S Harewood Priest-in-Charge Holy Innocents Church (246) 436-7788
The Rev Canon George A Harewood Rector St. Stephen's Church (246) 424-8435
The Rev Canon Ivan H Harewood
The Rev Mark D Harewood Rector St Barnabas Church (246) 429-2608
The Rev Canon G Andrew Hatch
The Rev Canon Peter H O W Haynes Rector, St Peter's Parish Church Rural Dean - St. Peter's Deanery (246) 422-3599
The Rev Sandra R. Hazell Rector St Lawrence Church
The Rev Canon Joseph G. L. Hennis
The Rev Guy A K Hewitt Assistant Priest Christ Church Parish Church
The Rev Michael R Holder General Licence
The Rev Canon Wayne E Isaacs Canon Missioner (246) 426-2761
The Rev Robert Luther C Johnson Rector Christ the King (246) 424-2446
The Rev Allan M Jones Priest-in-Charge St Andrew's Parish Church
The Rev Canon Ivor McK Jones
The Rev Joseph R King Priest-in-Charge St Cyprian's Church
The Rev Wayne McD Kirton Rector St John the Baptist/Good Shepherd
The Rev Canon George W Knight Asistant Priest St Michael's Cathedral (246) 425-1525
The Rev Fequel LaPlante Priest-in-Charge St Saviour and St. Simon Chuches (246) 425-0140
The Rev Myra M LaPlante Assistant Curate St Ambrose Church
The Rev Dr. Marcus G Lashley (246) 437-0149; 425-2099
The Rev Canon Paul H Lashley Chaplain Barbados Mothers' Union
The Rev Canon Dr. Winston F. Layne General Licence
The Rev Selven S Lowe Rector All Saints Church (246) 416-4779
The Rev Merlene Lucas Assitant Curate St Philip Parish Church
The Rev Everton S Lyte (246) 271-1273
The Rev Amrela C Massiah Priest-in-Charge St Martin's Church
The Rev Canon F Errington Massiah Rector St Joseph Parish Church and St. Aidan (246) 433-1228
The Rev Michael B St. J Maxwell Rector Holy Trinity Church (246) 423-8480
The Rev Canon Dr. Geoffrey Mayers Rector, St John's Parish Church P-I-C,St Anne and St Margaret Churches (246) 433-5599
The Rev Dr. Eustace S McCollin-Moore General Licence (246) 425-8847
The Rev Charles M Morris General Licence
The Rev Canon DeVere E Murrell Rector St Matthias Church (246) 429-5733
The Rev R Cortez Nurse General Licence (246) 428-7926
The Rev Trevor S O'Neale Rector St Philip Parish Church (246) 423-3780
The Rev Canon Eric L. Payne General Licence
The Rev Angela D. Phillips Rector St Patrick's Church
The Rev Dr. Ian E. Rock
The Rev John A Rogers Rector, St. George Parish Church Rural Dean - St John's Deanery (246) 429-2246
The Rev Hugh Sandiford Rector St. Matthias Church (246) 429-5573
The Rev Beverley B Sealy-Knight Rector St James Parish Church (246) 422-1044
The Rev Jerome Small Priest-in-Charge St. Philip the Less Church
The Rev Laurence G. Small General Licence
The Rev Canon Seibert DaC Small General Licence
The Rev Mylon G Springer
The Rev Michael Squires Priest-in-Charge St Matthew Church and The Church of the Resurrection
The Rev R Roosevelt Taitt Assistant Curate St John's Parish Church
The Rev Clive E Thomas Priest-in-Charge St Ambrose Church
The Rev Egaton Brian Thompson Assistant Curate St John's Parish Church
The Rev Canon Prof. Noel F Titus
The Rev Ivan H Walters
The Rev Desmond Ward Priest-in-Charge St Alban and St Silas Churches (246) 424-2807
The Rev Dr Von Watson Rector, St Mary's Church Bishop's Chaplain (246) 426-3746
The Rev Stephanie-Ann Wedderburn Assistant Curate St John's Parish Church
The Rev Kim Welch Rector All Souls Church (246) 427-6418
The Rev Theodore C W Worrell
The Rev David S Yarde Priest-in-Charge St Mark's Church and St. Catherine