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Bishop's Easter Message 2016

Easter Message – 2016
The Most Rev’d & Dr. The Hon. John Holder
Bishop of Barbados
Archbishop of the West Indies

Life is a mixture of many experiences and beliefs. The journey of life takes us through the high points and the low points. If offers us as we journey along its paths, experiences of hope and conditions of affirmation that sustain us as we travel life’s journey.

All of these experiences are reflected in the life of Jesus. He travelled to the mountain top where it seems as if he was just a whisper away from the glory of God.  He was caught in the despair of Gethsemane and the agony of the cross when God seemed to be very far away.

But on this glorious Easter Day, Christians throughout the world proclaim that God was there at work in the life of Jesus when it seems as if he was far away.  The Church declares on this day that God is ever present, in his world, in our lives whatever may be the circumstances, however painful are the experiences.

This is the message of Easter. It is a message that will always remain relevant, possessing the power to speak in a very effective way to the experiences of life.  It is a message that addresses the experiences of death, no matter what form these may take.

The cornerstone of the Easter message is the belief in the power of God. We are   assured that we are never alone as we journey through the low points of life. This is the hope that is the centre of Easter message, and indeed, the Christian message.

The message that tells of the power of God over death, guides us through life, to death, but does not abandon us there. The friends of Jesus declared a few days after his death that God had guided him through his life, to the point of death, and had not abandoned him even if it seemed that way on that awful Friday.

God guided him, they believed beyond these hurdles, even the hurdle of death, to experiences of the new life. This is the life that he offers to all those who follow his way.

The Easter message speaks directly to the circumstances of the world, to those of our country and to those of our individual lives. It speaks to the Good Friday experiences that we are called to endure.

In a world where violence seems to many persons a natural way of solving problems at all levels, where the plague of violence and abuse can be an everyday experience for many of God’s children, the Church today says, there is hope.

There is because we can as human beings journey from violence and its devastating effects to a place of resurrection and transformation. There can be a journey from Good Friday to Easter.As we celebrate this powerful and relevant message of the Church on this great day, may God grant us his grace to be agents of this Easter transformation, and experiences of his Easter presence and Easter hope.   May our God of hope grant you a blessed Easter day.